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A New Beginning

A New Beginning

April 18, 2018

KNOW THE WORLD Tours is pleased to present our new website. As a tour operator that has successfully navigated the tourism industry throughout the past thirty years, we are excited to launch a website which is able to more fully reflect the quality and depth of the tours we offer.

Our new website was created by Clarice Gomes Designs, a design firm based in Toronto, Ontario. KNOW THE WORLD Tours would like to thank Clarice for her hard work and dedication in helping us to realize this powerful new site. KNOW THE WORLD Tours would also like to thank our team lead Brian Leitch and Outbound Operations lead Mike Lawler. Their vision and hard work has resulted in an excellent new website which is more reflective of our company and products.

As a company, we have presented Canadian professionals with opportunities to explore the furthest reaches of Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East. Just as we have traversed far-flung destinations across the globe, we will continue to traverse the increasingly challenging tourism industry by offering exciting itineraries, excellent customer service and intimate group travel.

We would like to thank all of our valued customers, so many of whom have travelled with us for many years. Our business has been built on your trust and dedication to our company. We have been so lucky to share your travel experiences throughout the past 30 years and we look forward to building memories in the many years to come.

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