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You can call, email, mail or fax your reservation details to us. You will find the reservation coupon on the back page of our brochure. For your protection, please do not email us with your credit card information; it is safer to give us a call so we can take this information directly.

For the best prices, we suggest booking as soon as you are certain you would like to join one of our tours. We do accept reservations until departure.

You will receive your travel documents by email. Your trip notes will be emailed to you at least one month prior to departure.

Yes! We have early bird discounts for all of our tours. Please check the brochure for the early bird deadlines for each tour.

Yes, international and domestic flights listed within the respective tour description are included in the tour price. This is one of the major features of Know The World offerings making them such an affordable option. We usually include the internal flights throughout the tour in addition to the international flights to and from the destination.

Yes, our prices include all taxes.

We are not able to directly offer tax advice to our guests; we suggest speaking with your accountant for an exact number. From past experience, we have found most of our Congress and Conference tours are eligible for deductions of about 50% of the tour cost.

Yes, both are possible with a Know The World tour.

We have a minimum group size of 10 individuals and most of our tours fall between 10-25 individuals. If the numbers are higher, the tour is modified to ensure the same ratio of representatives and tour guides.

The average age for a Know The World tour is 55 years of age.

We want to make our tours as inclusive as possible. Please phone or email us to discuss your ability levels and we can offer suggestions as to whether we can accommodate your specific limitations.

While not mandatory, we strongly suggest our guests purchase travel insurance prior to or at the time of booking their tour. In the unlikely case of an accident, personal medical costs can quickly become unaffordable. Through RBC Travel Insurance, Know The World Tours offers travel insurance in conjunction with our tours. Please ask us for a quote.

It is more difficult to arrange joining a tour late, but it can be arranged in certain circumstances. If a client wishes to leave a tour early, a refund will not be issued and they will be expected to accept any costs that will arise as a result of altered flights.

No, tipping is not included within the price of a Know The World tour. Our guests are encouraged to tip local staff for good service.

Yes. We ask that any dietary needs or allergies be communicated to us and we will take care of these details for your tour.

In order to travel, you should have a minimum of 6 months eligibility on your passport prior to departure. While this rule does differ with individual countries, it is a good general rule to follow for your travels. We will communicate visa requirements to our clients with ample advance notice.

Yes. All of our tours feature a single supplement. In some cases of families with an odd number, we can request modified accommodations to reduce a single supplement cost.

We advise our guests to pack comfortable clothing, as well as shoes in which they feel comfortable standing and walking for extended periods throughout the day. Certain communities or religious monuments will require a more traditional dress code, which may include clothing below the knees and covering of shoulders.

Of course! We often have our clients ask to upgrade their flights, especially for international flights.

No, there is no minimum age for travelling on a Know The World tour. We’re happy to accommodate guests of all ages.

We accept cheque, credit card and cash.

Please reach out to us via phone or email to inform us of your requirements. We will provide you with a price for upgrading your flight(s).

If we have low numbers for a tour, we will look into any price adjustments that may occur with fewer clients. We will communicate directly if there are significant price changes,  at which point a client may choose to cancel their booking. If a client decides to cancel their tour under these circumstances, they will be offered a full refund.

We suggest that our clients be able to walk and use stairs comfortably throughout the duration of each day.

All of our tours are offered in conjunction with Plus Travel group, which is a TICO licensed company.

Yes. We have 30 years of experience in coordinating custom tours for individuals and groups across a wide spectrum. Please call or email us to speak further about your desired tour.

Yes. It is very common for professionals joining our tours to bring their “other half” and children. Employees and friends are also welcome to join our tours.

Our hotels generally range from 4*-5* and each tour itinerary will list the hotel and rating for each city.

Yes. We are happy to make additional travel arrangements for any of our guests. Please inform us as soon as you know your plans and we can help make them a reality.

The tour escort is a member of our staff responsible for accompanying the tour and ensuring everything is running efficiently and smoothly. Our escorts have a wealth of knowledge and travel experience to share with their guests.

In the off chance that the group is too small to justify an accompanying Canadian escort, the tour will continue with only local guides.

Most destinations will have ATM’s that accept international debit or credit cards. It is a good idea to purchase some local currency, Euros or USD prior to your departure.

If you would like to be notified of upcoming tours, please join our mailing list for updates.

Please refer to the cancellation details listed at the back page of each tour brochure.

We are more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have either by telephone at 1-800-554-9754 or via email at info@knowtheworldtours.com.